Paul Wornham is the author of The Mercy Contracts and The Philanthropist's Danse.

Paul grew up in the city of Bath in England, a place that everyone should see once before they die.

He began his work life as a bookseller with WHSmith in the UK before they convinced him to sell music instead. He sold music and movies on both sides of the Atlantic over the next decade and a half, shifting with the times and technology from vinyl to CD and from VHS to DVD. In 2000, the emergence of Napster and file sharing convinced him the music business was over for retail, so he went back to school.

In 2002 he graduated with an MBA from the University of Alberta School of Business, joined a medical device manufacturer based in Edmonton, traveled to China and all over North America and generally had a blast.

He later moved to Ontario, where he now lives and writes in the company of a patient spouse and less patient felines. A lifelong reader, Paul's favorite books are A Prayer for Owen Meany by John Irving, Nobody's Fool by Richard Russo and everything by Charles Dickens.